Sunday, October 30, 2016

Your revised thesis statement (due by 1 pm on Tuesday, November 1)

Your final essay for this semester will be a revision of your work on Essay #1. In this second essay, you will develop your argument into a 5-page essay. To do so, you will develop your thesis statement so that it becomes somewhat more complex or well articulated, or simply more fully developed. 

Rework the thesis statement in your first essay accordingly and post it to the blog. Post only your revised thesis statement. As you rework it, keep in mind the following.

Effective thesis statements:

1. Are not questions or statements of purpose (such as, "In this essay I will explore..."), but instead answer an interesting, specific, even provocative question

2. Focus specifically on the text(s) and theme(s) at hand--they are not broad generalizations

3. Are unusual, unique, surprising--not obvious

4. Explain why your point is important

5. Can be supported in the number of pages given for the assignment

6. Are "debatable"--that is, an intelligent, informed and/or educated person might disagree with what you are saying


  1. Isaac's Revised Thesis statement
    In the reading of "The Opposite Sex" by Steven Doloff sexism is presented by the written works of both the men and women, but the types of sexism that they show are different.
    -Isaac Soto(AKA: The Omega)

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  2. In the reading "I Fell in Love or My Hormones Awakened" by Judith Ortiz Cofer, my thesis statement would be:
    "Crushes are hard, having a crush brings out the best and the worst in a person"

  3. In the essay “I Fell in Love” leads to the question that leads to think at what point does being in love turns to being obsessed, that point could be where you stop being rational and let your emotions take control over your decisions whether is a good decision or a bad decision. This is important to know because in this essay, the main character goes through a situation regarding those terms, obsession, and love, and we must understand what she was going through to answer our question with more precision understanding and having in mind all the facts that made her do the things she did.

  4. In the poem "Puerto Rican Obituary'' by Pablo Pietri mt thesis statement would be:
    "Pablo Pietri's "Puerto Rican Obituary'' show us how Puerto Ricans face a racialist society in the states. Problems such as overworking, unbalanced way of living, and denial can relate to Pietri's poem with racism.''

  5. In The Essay "Indian Education" By Sherman Alexie, Happiness is something that was hard to find, what is it?

    Happiness can be found in many ways, it is this powerfull and wonderfull feeling of joyce, when you find what you want or what you need to have a wonderfull experience of life. Some, find happiness to be asociated with love, money or friends.

  6. My thesis statement is: Men should always respect women, treat them the way they deserve and should be taught to treat them as equals.

  7. The thesis statement of my essay is: I do think a person can develop an obsession at the same time they are in love with somebody. I believe these two emotions are very similar and they can get mixed up, but I do not it is healthy at all. Love is healthy and obsession is not, and when you mix something unhealthy with something healthy you are contaminating what is already healthy.

  8. My thesis statement is:
    This is How Students should React if they become their opposite Gender.

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  10. The thesis statement I will be using for my final essay will be, or at least for now:

    We are so used to the idea of men being inconsiderate, reserved and emotionless that we automatically make a generalized judgement without putting into consideration the consequences and outcomes of this society influenced thought.

  11. In the essay "I Fell in Love or My Hormones Awakened" by Judith Ortiz Cofer, my thesis statement would be: Having a crush is starting to act different.

  12. My revised thesis statement is as follows:
    Educating yourself expands your knowledge, give you tools to think critically and can make you less susceptible to oppression.

  13. My thesis statement will be: "Women have not always been oppressed. Oppression started about 6000 years ago and even though women of this generation are fighting for their rights it does not mean that oppression is going to be left behind any time soon."

  14. My thesis statement is: Women remain oppressed but throughout history this oppression has change.