Monday, November 14, 2016

Abraham Lincoln, "Address at the Dedication..." (response due by 1 pm on Sunday, 11/20)

For this response, imagine that you are the governor of Puerto Rico, or the president of the US. Write 2–3 paragraphs describing the problems you see around you, and how you will solve them.

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  1. If one day I get to be governor of Puerto Rico I would address issues that people aren't actually thinking about. You see, when someone says that Puerto Rico is in a crisis, they just look at the economics side. Which is something that's really causing a problem in the island, but why aren't we thinking about nature? When a family member, a friend or even a stranger tell us something about global warming or nature destruction we don't really pay attention to that. We rather sit down and watch movies than actually do something for our island, and not only for our island, but for the whole World.
    One of the issues that I would deal with is the fact that some electrical lines are being affected by vegetation that surrounds the area where they are. The only ones that are allowed to do something about this is the Electric Energy Service which often leaves vegetation grow until the lines are affected and don't even work, instead of letting locals take action and pode the area before the plants grow. I would sign an executive order where I authorize the neighbors interfere and prevent the trees to get to the lines without having any legal problem.
    Another issue could be the lake sedimentation. The agency of Nature Resources have prohibited the sand extraction from lakes. As a governor I would also authorize people with machinery to dredge the lakes at a low prize, which would save us lots of money.
    The last example of a problem that I would address as a governor is giving an incentive to those who leave nearby roads. For example, give them a discount in the payment of taxes of their property, so that they could keep the sidewalks clean, with the drains clean so that when it rains the water could flow freely and it doesn't damage the pavement.
    This are some issues that I would work on. Issues that people don't often talk about and when they do, they don't actually do something to work on it.

  2. If I had the honor of being the governor or the president of the United States, I would go crazy. One problem that I would experience would be knowing who to pick as my right hand. It should be somebody that I trust, but somebody who I believe would be serious about his work. The person who I choose cannot be a friend who needs a job, it should be somebody who has the experience, has studies and has a critical way of thinking, both good and bad.

    Another problem would be the decisions making, because I am not just choosing something for myself, but for a WHOLE country who counts on me. When I make a decision I want to make sure it's the best one, I want to make sure that it benefits the people and I want to make sure that it is wisely the decision I made.

    What I believe the biggest problem would be is the people who are with me in the campaign. There are a lot of people who have been in the government for more than 15 years, how is it possible that some of them have been many years in the government and everything is just the same or worse? I would investigate who are the people surrounding me, because as a person with power people are going to try to tell you what you should do, people are going to root for you to take decisions that only benefits their pockets and these people are only going to look out for themselves. I would investigate if they are doing something that benefits the people who practically make the country progress and if they didn't do anything and just screwed around, they're gone.

    Running a country it's not easy, but you have to have malice or they will eat you alive. It's almost like a war zone and the person in the power has to be strong.

  3. If I were elected Governor of Puerto Rico I would firstly analyze the status on education. In most states or places when you have a problem with the economy you see them investing greatly in the education. When the problems are coming from the lack of people working or the lack of educated people that are on command. Maybe a good proposal would be to raise the taxes a bit more but, make the universities of Puerto Rico free, where the only requisite would be to have a high IGS score. In another way, a great problem on Puerto Rico lies on the medical health cares.
    Why do we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money monthly for a health plan, isn’t it easier to pay a bit more taxes and to get “free” education and medical care, I mean the only thing you will need to be able to make use of this services would be your ID in which it is know you are Puerto Rican, or citizen of the United States.

  4. Really the only big problems that people tell you PR has when you ask them is education and medical care, so I would invest all my time and effort into this particular reasons and see how my plan works.

  5. Being the Governor of Puerto Rico, the first problem I would attack would be education since this is the base of everything and we have one of the worst education systems in the world not only because of the retrograde ways of teaching but evalutation as well. We should imitate the best system which is in Finland because they are innovative, have their priorities straight and understand that not everybody learns the same way.

    The second problem I would attack would be economy because once you have an educated society in which everyone knows what they have to do in order to succeed, everything else will come along. Also, if people are educated they would know that one has to work in order to accomplish things and that they cannot expect to live off of the Government's help for those who are truly in need.

    Last but not least, I would suggest everyone to start going to church, synagogue or whichever place in which they could practice what they believe in order to become a better person for society and to contribute the best versions of themselves.

  6. If I was to be chosen as governor of Puerto Rico, or as President of the United States of America I would reform most of what is established on today’s system focusing on the education and healthcare of the community. For the education system, I would use a mixture of successful educations styles from Europe, like Finland’s education system, and combine it with courses that can will be useful in the future for the students like martial arts so people can defend themselves, cooking, so people could eat healthy at their homes and benefit local farm industries, and teach the students how to manage their money and income including how to buy properties and how to pay taxes and bills. This courses are important because they affect directly the life of a person and it is a good way to help people manage their funds and benefits their lifestyle.
    The healthcare part is also an important thing that I would give a reform. I would destroy the “health business” that is established. Health shouldn’t be considered a business and it is supposed to be public, not only for the rich peoplehood can pay expensive medicine or treatments. Health systems these days are based on a cruel statement that says “Why would I cure somebody in a day when I can give them treatment for a year”. That is one of the consequences when health is put as a business. With better education comes a society that is more mature criminality levels get lower and with a healthy society comes a happy society.

  7. If I was governor of Puerto Rico, first I will be educated myself historically, ambiently and socially to. I must be prepared to be in this position I can’t be an ignorant and anticultural. I should be realistic about the problems that we are facing and not sugar coat them. I must have priorities and not be ignorant about the situations. I must be transparent about the problems we can’t keep lying to ourselves saying that Puerto Rico is not broke when it is.
    Puerto Rico is breaking because the society make it that way, the government made it that way. Puerto Rico can be able to put their self-up back again we are just held back from it. If I was the governor I will go school to school and do assemblies everywhere just to hear the people and share with them the ideals. We can’t keep this country blind, we need to open their eyes and the governor should do that he has the privileges of talking to a country why does he don’t use that power for good. But most of all I will try to restore the most important thing and that is our values that are lost.

  8. If I ever get the opportunity to be the governor of Puerto Rico, I would work with the education and the right of freedom of expression first. I know that the public schools system it is almost destroyed at the moment. There are numerous public schools that are missing teachers, order, and discipline. I would increase the work opportunities to the country. That is one of the bug reasons the public school system is falling, lack of employees, which is why we need to increase employment. So, with education I can fix two problems at once. Education is very important for this country's raise and stability. Education is the root if success.

    In the other hand, there is another problem that needs to be stabled, and that is the freedom of expression. The freedom of expression is 50% active in Puerto Rico. There are many people that are freely expressing themselves, but only half of the people accept this. The other half, that does not accept it, are violent most of the times with those who are expressing themselves. I believe everybody in this country should be able to be heard without getting harassed or judged. We should  live like a community, in order to raise this country together. I woukd establish this right on the law and I would fortify it. With these two problems solved, we will help Puerto Rico to be at its best.

  9. If I where to be the Governor of Puerto Rico, I would have a posture for the security, the education, and the debt.
    I honestly know that the debt is something we would take a lot of time to handle but in a way I would take a lot of responsability ok knowing and facing what my country is facing. First of all, I would take out of my mind that we are going to be a state and face that we are a colony. I would talk to people about my plan to be an Independent country that could face in future generations. Economy is very important in Puerto Rico due to the fact that a lot of people waste money on things that are not value of.

    The education is something that I would take as a first shot because we are the future generation and because of that we hace to prepare for a better future. I would put a better plan for education where students may prepare to know what the country is facing. I would also provide better technology for the universities. I also would provide better universal health plan where everyone has the right of receiving benefits where they don't lack of neccesity.

  10. If I were the governor of Puerto Rico I would address several issues such as the economy. Unfortunately by living in a capitalist system we depend too much on money. Since "Cash is king" we are forced to comply since we need to serve our basic needs of food, house and healthcare; but we are in a historical crisis where the bills are too high, taxes, gasoline and basically most of what the people consume. Which makes this issue imperative to fix.

    Another issue would be the criminal activity in the island. The amount of homicides recorded during the passing years has been increasingly noticeable. I would try to concentrate on making the police more efficient. Construct fun and safe spaces for low class citizens with the purpose of keeping at-risk teens less susceptible to the criminal offenders. Another way of helping decrease the criminal activity would be by improving education. There many other systems around the world that we should choose which will obviously substitute our education system better. By also introducing people at a young age on courses based on fraternizing and teaching moral values would help greatly. In addition, regularly go on cultural trips around the island to make the students learn about our culture; which might even help them develop a sense of sensibility by being exposed to hands on activities.

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  12. If I were to be obligued to become governor of Puerto Rico, (I wouldn't want to carry that weight on my shoulders) I'd try to keep this colonized country from hitting rock bottom. Starting with focusing on economical aspects and how to increase municipal income. Like emphasize tourism, promoting what's "made in Puerto Rico" and bring back agriculture. Puerto Rico used to be so rich on agriculture but now, as years passed, most lands are not good to produce anymore. Following that economical thought, I'd intend to come into some kind of agreement with the US congress to help decrease or find a way to fix Puerto Rico's debt. Not expecting to get a 100% discount or a BOGO, (buy one, get one), just ways to deal with it, without having a "junta fiscal" taking what's left of the people. Aside from all those serious manners, I'd offer Taco Tuesday, free tacos, who doesn't love tacos? In all seriousness, I believe education is clue. I wouldn't mess with any funds directed to education because as a governor, I'd want my people to gain as much knowledge as possible. As my grandmother used to say, "there's no money in the world that will make you as rich as knowledge will".

    Honestly, I wouldn't be a great governor. I, just one person, dealing with 3 million would be a huge chaos. Because I'm aware of this, I don't huge my governors. Only God knows how hard taking that jod is. I just hope that, Puerto Rico never faces an unprepared governor because if it does, we will all hit rock bottom.

    1. TACO TUESDAY YOU SAY?!??!?!

  13. Chris here and whatever Here i go:

    Ah yes, if i was President of Puerto Rico Im sure id fix all of its problems since most of its problems are caused by obvious reasons and then theres the problem that i cannot fix, the residents leaving Puerto Rico.
    as someone Dumb used to say "Lets Make America Great Again" i'm sure i can Make Puerto Rico somewhat decent. Now id start with the economy, we used to have Puertorrican shops everywhere and now we just have the usual MacDonalds and Burger Kings raking in all of our profits and i shall change that, hoe you ask? by simply opening similar restaurants and shops In front of those 'American Shops' with better prepared food and customer service. That should bring in enough Dough. The Second problem id like to fix is the unemployment issue we have, ok I know about the coupon people and they sure as heck aren't very happy living with below minimum Lives So i plan to give each and every unemployed citizen a job list i personally made from all the current jobs in their nearby area, now if they accept any of the jobs, will be another problem that I wont discuss, better than asking money in the stoplights am i right.

    Now up for the real Problem, Once i have established a slightly bigger economy and have more money in the bank, i plan to hire hundreds of people to clean Puerto Rico for a day the pay would depend on the size of their trash bags. That Should give them motivation to actually do it and not laze around and say that they worked. If one person can make a difference im sure anyone of you can be a better President than me if you just ahead and talk about the problems with Puerto Rico with a friend you trust. Thank you for reading my Babbling, WOO CHRIS FOR PRESIDENCY!

  14. If one day I was the governor of Puerto Rico it would be very hard because of the time we are facing right now. Puerto Rico has amassed more than $72 billion in debt. The local government has been trying to build a case for restructuring that debt, but they have failed many times. There are many reasons for this mess; the island, which once had manufacturers and a growing economy, now is in bankruptcy. The Jones Act, also referred to as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, Is one of the biggest problems. The Jones Act Is a federal legislation that protects American workers injured at sea, because we are a colony of the United States, this Act exists. In simple words we can't make deals with other countries that are not "friends" with the United States. That have make our list of clients more short and difficult. The other problem with this legal regulatory act is that we have to use merchant bay of United States to export goods; the bigger picture is that is one of the most expensive of the world. We don't have a international economy like our brothers from Dominican Republic, we don't export but we do have too many goods are imported here, including food, driving up the costs of living. We are not producing goods for the international economy or neither for the local economy, that have affected the cost of living in a huge way; we have became a consumerism country. The cost of living have created a mass migration of the middle class and young people. Today Puerto Rico faces to many problems besides this ones mentioned, like the inefficiency of government agencies, the status, corruption in the government and others.
    The main problem can be solve with the choice clear of the status, independence or becoming de state 51. Being in the middle work a long time ago but now we must make a decision because being a colony no longer works and is the number one cause of this debt. We are responsible for this mess but we are not the only ones, US must take responsibility too. The Puerto Rican crisis is a United States crisis, no different in many ways from other US city crises that they responded to before like Detroit. All our problems will not be solve if we find a solution for the problem of the status but it will be more easy to deal with them.

  15. We are going through some hard times, a sad chapter in hour history. Puerto Rico is in the middle of a terrible crisis that could destroy are beautiful country. Our country doesn’t deserve to end like that. We need to stand together so we can solve this problem and ensure a better country for the future generation.
    Is our duty to make ensure that this country goes forward. We owe it to are ancestor to make Puerto Rico a country where people want to live. A place that rewards the hard working people and gives them the tools to succeed. I sound hard but I have faith in my people.
    This island is full of warm people that in times of need are always helping each other. That’s why we will succeed because we know how to work together. We will stand together we will fight and make Puerto Rico the best country in the world

    Francisco Rivera

  16. Paola Agosto ZeppenfeldtNovember 20, 2016 at 8:44 AM

    As governor elected of my beautiful island of Puerto Rico there are some things I feel are priorities for a healthy society in which I want all Puerto Ricans to live in and for which I feel a responsibility. When I walk around San Juan, for example, it's inevitable to acknowledge the large number of people for whom the streets are their home. It’s alarming how our streets are full of people like everyone else, that for some reason can’t eat every day, can’t work, don’t have a roof over their head, or aren’t simply given opportunities. They are not all drug users and most of them just want to be helped. This is a problem that we have normalized in our heads but we should all take action, not only leave this to volunteers or christians. We should have a public office that reaches these people, if they are in need of medical help it will be given and if they need work and a place to live in, it will also be given. It is important for them to regain control of their lives. The government is here to protect the rights of everyone, and that is exactly the point of this proposal.
    Something that I believe should be important to include in the educational system, is education with a gender perspective. This is something that alarms people but it's all about equality in opportunities between genders within the society in which we live in. We want women to be respected and credited for her work like men are, we want everyone to be respected for their diversity and not be judged for their preferences because those are not limitations, that doesn't make anyone less worthy. We must teach these values ​​from the youngest to build, as I mentioned at the beginning, a healthy society in which we can all contribute freely but hand in hand with who surrounds us, for the development of our country.