Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chief Seattle, "My People" (response due by 1 pm on Tuesday, November 15)

This response will be worth 15 points.

For this response, write 2–3 paragraphs in the style of Chief Seattle in which you address those in power (in Puerto Rico, the US as a whole, or both).


  1. It feels like a nightmare. A nightmare where as much as the World tries to wake up, it is impossible. A country full of diversity is now full of white people full of hatred. Yes. We look different. Our skin color is different, our eye color is different, our hair is different, but we are the same in the eyes of God.
    Why now? After all we have fought together and after all the rights we have got, why do white people treat us like if they were the original natives of America? Why if we became one of the most accepting countries in the world do we have to go back and vote for a racist men to become president of our country?
    We, the ¨invaders¨, must show to the whites what love is about and that WE were the first ones to arrive and that the invaders are them. Black, asians, latin, europians, etc., we may look different but we know the values of this beautiful countr that we call home, America.

  2. This is something that has hit me really hard in the face. I’m still trying to believe that these are the people that “represent” our country. These men are blinded, they just have one thought in their heads and it is to screw us up. I believe people are just as shocked as I am, because we cannot believe that the ignorance has won.
    We have worked so hard to make a country for everybody, we have worked so hard to have the rights that we have today and we have worked so hard to stop the abuses towards our fellow people. It seems as if we are going back to the days were Martin Luther King Jr. had to fight for black rights, or when Latins had to experiment whether or not they would find the “American Dream” in the United States and just got the job as the maid in a mansion. All the hard work that we have done through all these years, we are setting back. When that man won the 2016 elections in the United States people were just admitting that they don’t want black, Latin’s, Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese, and people that are not white in their country. Well why is that? Those are the people that make THIS country, those are the people that get up every day at 5:00 am and work so that their families have something to eat, so that their families have at least a roof over their heads. Why do you have to talk so disrespecting of this people? Why do you want to “Make America Great Again” when America is one the greatest countries in the world already? Or was. Why do you have to disrespect the women that work so hard for their families? Do you feel satisfied seeing people burn the flag of your country? Do you feel good seeing black people been pushed aside, beaten up and scream at AGAIN? Do you feel satisfied when you see gay people hiding because of their sexual preference? The elections may have said that you were elected the President of the United States but you will NEVER be my president.
    On the other hand, how is it possible that inexperience has won an election? Does playing tennis and working at a library make someone CAPABLE of running a country? Is this even legal? Yes, he has a lot of ideas as to what he wants to do, but does he really think that in four years he can do all that he has promise. I don’t think so because mainly his ideas are outrageous and based on fantasies, he has to wake up and realize that we do not live in Disney land. There are hardworking people who barely have enough to be kept alive and there are people who want a change in our government. Us youngsters are the future of this country, I am not going to leave my country but I am going to do something to make sure that my future and my families future does not go to waste because of somebody who one day realized he wanted his first job to be running a country.

  3. We as people live in this so called Colony with lies. We are told that this Island is ours, but every decisions is influenced by the "white" people in charge. Now we are reign by a great white "racist" monarch who might end our stay with the United stated, or might let us continue be part of it. Endless rivers of blood and tears have our Puertorrican dropped looking for cotizenship, or looking for freedom, either way we have failed. Countless years for some has this battle lasted and failed. We are filled with vage and hollow promises that we will raise as a State and that we will be equally treated in the US as a stated, but in the making we have also failed.

    Right at this moment the man in charge is still fighting for citizenship, but the white man in the bigger chair, doesnt seem like the type of guy that will grant our wishes. Puerto Rico is a beautiful island filled of some people that desire and really want to work to get a life straight, but are stereotype by the mayority that sees work as a problem rather than a solution. In many stated it is spoken that we are lazy and that we dont have the right to be a state because all we would do is sleep and eat away the US money, meer excuses to keep refusing our right to become a state. 4 more years we have been promised that a change will come and that a state wilo rise of this island. We shall keep fighting with the power of out voices and maybe if we make ourselves be heard, with the power of matority, maybe one day we will be treated as equalls and be granted being a state, and stop being called a Colony.

  4. The elections have just concluded... Where Puerto Rico is in it's worse times. Elected governor Dr. Rosello has been viewed by many as incapable to govern Puerto Rico. There are various reasons given as to why he might not be the man for the job. The one that stands out the most is his inexperience in politics. But maybe he can learn a good thing or two from his father who has governed Puerto Rico in the past.

    So many negative comments towards our now governor of Puerto Rico. But, where does that all lead us? Instead of being full of hate lets give him the benefit of the doubt. The well being of the citizens and Puerto Rico should come first. This is my family's future, our future, your daughters future. So don't you take the responsibility that you have on your shoulders lightly. The people have spoke and now you need to take full responsibility and speak for them, not for your own. You are a young man who I hope is hungry to solve our problems and put Puerto Rico in a pedestal, nothing else.

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  6. 2016 came around, it’s time to vote! For our voices to be heard. Puerto Rico, as expected for our commonwealth status since 1952, had the gubernatorial elections while the United States had their presidential elections. The day went by horribly slow, we were all waiting or might as well say that we were all hoping; hoping that we, united, would take a stand for what’s “right” or for what’s “less bad”. RED OR BLUE! We, Puerto Ricans and “Americans” (a wrong yet correct word to call someone born in the United States even though America is more than just the USA) paint our faces with those colors every four years, always on a never-ending competition. But let’s not generalize, we live in a free country and a just society and because of it, we had other colors options like green, black and purple who were also competing; It didn’t make such a difference. We covered our ears, our eyes and our mouths, there’s no stopping our hands now! The votes were counted and with an unlikely to be true outcome, blue won in PR and red in the US.

    Some of us laughed and made fun of Puerto Rico’s blue leader decision some of us rejoiced. But most of us cried, screamed and shouted to the sky because red won in the United States. We feared those who woke up to vote for a racist, homophobic and unprincipled color. White faces covered in red, obsessed with the quote “Let’s make America great again” walked with pride because they forgot that no one is truly “pure”, that the color white is a mix of the colors of the rainbow. Yes, that rainbow flag who most of them hate. Our question is, what will happen? Will Puerto Rico be a state after all this years? Will they build a wall to separate those who have worked hard in that country, a place that has shown how nothing has changed since the Civil War? Men grabbing women as a matter of “it’s a joke, even our president said it”? Really Puerto Rico? United States of America? 2016 came around and we are afraid and filled with uncertainty, and we can only wait, and hope that whatever the outcome is from this decisions, won't be one impossible to overcome.

  7. I believe that in these elections, it was fear who won. Those who are afraid of taking a step forward and make a change. Those who would lose their jobs if the other party won. Those who would lose contracts and bets if they lost. That election day, everybody embraced their fear and this is the result, the same thing that has brought us to this absurd debt.

    Nonetheless, I am now speaking to our Governor and those in power in our country. I wholeheartedly wish you all the very best even if I did not vote for you nor would even if they paid me. I wish you the best because wanting to see you all crumble down, is like planning my own death because we are all in this together. I sincerely hope you make the correct decisions at all times and costs because we truly need some good times and news.

  8. Chris Here doing the News and stuff, Btw if i dont come tomorrow i have been murdered by a suspect that goes by the nickname of I.S.A.A.C , ANYWAYS Here it goes:

    We cannot believe that Trump Won how is this possible?
    What will United States be like now that we have a Racist as President. This was what the congress were thinking, they thought that removing Bernie would turn his voters over to Hilary, but in return; Bernie's voters decided to not vote at all; and the majority of the people that voted for trump were Females. Why are women supporting Trump when He is known to be a hardcore sexist It makes no sense.

    While Trump had said many crazy things, like kicking all blacks from United States and building a wall across the border. I doubt the congress would allow him such ridiculous ideas to be brought to life.
    Even so now that he is President I have to wonder what will happen to Puerto Rico, will he allow United States to keep "Helping" us or will he give us Freedom by giving us the right to be a state, or will he decide to disable Law Foraker to give us independence and basically kick us "Beaners" out of United States Property.

    There isnt many news about Trumps Choices affecting Puerto Rico right now, so i shall end it here thank you for your time

  9. The moment we all have been waiting for is finally here! We are waking up in a tragedy that we thought was a nightmare; it really is something the world is going to face for the next years. The world is facing multiple issues that have maked us suffer for things we shoudn't. This issues causing deaths, debts, discrimination, racism, etc may be the ones that can take advantage in these elections. But, is it all about who is going to govern?

    Let me say to all those in power of leading our city for the next four years: ''let's hope fot the best''. It's really sad when you want something and you defend it but not get back what you want. The same as fot voting, we need to open up our minds and think about the ones that are in power. I'm saying to those in power this year: ''I won't believe in you, I will trust my people to not set back against the negative things: take advantages of bad moments and make them work on the promess you gave to this city. I might say the best people on Earth are the ones that don't settle and fulfill the word you gave.

    Some of us laugh at this presen Governor, but I'm saying "Live with it as much as you don't like it''. Trump will never be a President elected for good personality. But America has choosen this President and we can't do much about it. Although this elections were sad for many, giving up shouldn't be a word for ourselves.

    As a Puerto Rican, I'm saying to my present governor starting the year: ''What will you do for our country?'' Please let us know what will you do to make it better. What will you do for peace? What will you do for our debt? Remember Governor, that is not about colors, it's about an imporovement for our country. All that is left to dois just keep our best prayers for the ones that will be leading with you. Hope for the best and not throw negativity that you'll receive, but don't fail us. Some are believing in you, some don't. But, who cares about that? Remember it is OUR future and although you may not be Governor for more than four years, let us remind you to not make it worse. It' not about your position, it's about ours.

  10. What can I say the generation from now day is living the results of the past one. We are seeing the reflects of uneducated people and ignorant. We are living in a society that still thinks that what we are stipulated is what is the law and we cannot ask ourselves why? We are in an era that the society believe more in empty promises than action because living in the fantasies is more easy that facing your reality. We are in a time where the liar is the winner and the honest is the bad. Where the worst option is the least horrible and we ignore the consequences.
    We are living in a world that we prefer to kill, mistreat and judge other for power and control. We are living in a generation that doesn’t even seem that they care for their lives. Is so sad that we use our voices to fight against injustice because of the fear of been thrown into jail or even worst kill. And why is all of this? Because of you the persons that are in the power, you that are supposed to take wise choices to the nation and don’t even have priorities or care for them. Dear people in the government you suck a lot in your position.

  11. The Darkest cloud is upon us, a cloud of selfishness and abuse. Like predator waiting to seize an opportunity to catch his pray the betrayal of the leaders who were supposed to guide us right path. Leaders that got there power from the people the same people that they are oppressing without mercy.
    The people should not fear instead they should stand together like the massive herds of buffalos that once roamed the grasslands of North America demanding what every country deserves. Leaders that want the best for their country. Not a bunch of wolfs disguise as a sheep’s waiting for the right moment to strike. Make a stand for what you believe and don’t let anyone crush them.
    Fight, for a Puerto Rico that won’t be afraid of his own freedom. A Puerto Rico that makes everyone proud, because a tyrant has the power that his own people give him and nothing more.

    Francisco Rivera

  12. “The land of the free”, that’s what they call one of the most powerful countries in the world. But is it really “free”? Some people don’t see it in that way. Although it has great terrains full with beauty, landscapes that will let you speechless and a huge variety of ecosystems, it is sick. Sick with hatred, racism, and violence. It is like a plague that passes from people to people and the worst art is that it is not in the human nature, it was something thought from the beginning. Instead of trying to eradicate this “sickness”, we make it worst. Worst because most people are selfish and don’t care about this thing, even the leaders chosen by the people propagate this type of violent behavior against other humans.
    Same thing goes for Puerto Rico, the tropical paradise. Filled with magical environments and breathtaking views. Such a small island filled with all that natures beauty but also filled with hate and violence. The crime rates are sky-high and the government that we “chose” doesn’t do much about it. We “chose” it but we really didn’t. the elections can be easily predicted because of the voter’s blindness and “traditions” to always vote for colors. I would compare this situation to the Stockholm’s syndrome.

  13. What a shame. All that has happened is a shame. Last week a historical event took place in Puerto Rico and the United States of America. On November 8th were the elections in both countries. The “elections of hell” as many people called. On this day we met the reality of the society here in Puerto Rico and there on the United States. In Puerto Rico we have seen that the cicle or zigzag they have had for the past 50 years has happened one more time. It is clear to see that in this country the ignorance abounds and maybe the fear of a real change defeated the voters. Also, the voters tend to follow their families steps, which is part of a social habit.

    Then we have the United States, where the majority decided to vote for an elector that presented himself as a racist and as a discriminator, who was basically a joke. It was very surprising when this guy, whose name is Donald Trump, won the elections. It was a radical change for this country. They went from a President who was antiracist to a President who presented himself as the complete opposite.

    When these candidates won the elections, a lot of people were celebrating. Others were crying and felt like it was the end for them. This event has felt like a nightmare, a never ending nightmare. It’s a sad time to live in, but sadly we have to just go with it. And even if we try to speak, our voice won't be heard.

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  15. It matters little on how much we inform our country of the past, if we do not educate them in the process of growing up, they will be conflicted with the American ideology that they are the only way of saving our island. It is confuse that Puerto Rico is a separate country when its false.

    Without doubt when Puerto Rico competes on beauty pageants or international sports its created an illusion of a separate country. Until these go home and are limited both human rights and economic opportunities. Not to mention full human dignity that can be secured for the future only through full equal legal and political rights attainable through statehood under the U.S. Constitution, or real separate nationhood. And we do not have neither, only the U.S Citizenship.

    The United States gave the keys of one of the most powerful countries in the World to a person who is racist, sexist, narcissist... Donald Trump. Who has already change the country before even taking office, an emboldening of white supremacist, who teachers say has inspired bullies and therapist say he's affected the mental health of all types of people. And Puerto Rico is control by this country which is now in the hands of Donald Trump. Instead of P.R. choosing its own course, the majority voted to elect a Politician who wants P.R. to be the 51st. Where will our people lead our island and to what end? We are literally stepping on our ancestors tomb for all they have sacrifice for this island and acknowledging that we will always need a conqueror to have control over us because we can't decide our own fate, so we leave it in the hands of others. And that is a sad depressing reality.

  16. There many faces of injustice but the most important one of this faces is the people in power. The fact that the society we live in is turning a blind eye to the evil agenda of this people that have all control, is alarming. Our voices are not important. We don't have control over nothing. IS ALL A GAME! A game we play to feel that our voice is important to those who are in power.BUT THEY ARE NOT! We can't stop there evil agenda because we live in capitalist system. The rich and powerful will always going to be on the top. Donald Trump? He's the best example of how the rich have the power. A person so idiot can only be president of the United State, if he have power.