Cellphone policy

Cellphones are incredible resources and also unbelievably distracting. Therefore, in this class, their use is highly restricted. Sometimes, we will use them to check material from the syllabus, since according to the current practice of UPR’s English Department, syllabi are generally given to students only in electronic form. There may be other times in which we consult online material. However, this will be an exception.

Therefore: Please turn off your phone and put it away (out of sight) for the duration of the class. The first time I note you using your phone in class for an unauthorized purpose, I will deduct 5 points from your next assignment. The second time, I will deduct 15 points from your next assignment. I may not make a big deal of this so as not to interrupt the flow of the class, but you will find the points taken off when you receive your next grade. It is your responsibility to conduct yourself in keeping with the norms of the class.

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