Course description

This is an interdisciplinary course that fulfills the General Education English requirement for a bachelor’s degree at the UPRRP. It aims to develop students’ proficiency in the critical inquiry of literature. The course focuses on analyzing essays in terms of their content and form. It also emphasizes the development of essay writing and information literacy skills. The course seeks to develop the necessary competencies in the English language—oral, written, critical thinking, and research—as part of the students’ intellectual growth and successful performance in college. This English for Academic Purposes course cultivates interpretive and evaluative skills considered important as educated adults and contributing members of society. 

This is not a lecture course. Instead, it’s organized around collaborative discussion among students and teacher; therefore, your individual oral participation is necessary to our collective success. A variety of learning and assessment experiences will create an interactive environment to encourage reflection, critical thinking, and collaboration. Students will also engage in oral presentations, essay writing, informal responses due before class time for most readings, in-class writing, group work, and critical analysis of readings. 

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