General course objectives

General Course Objectives

Consistent with the English Department’s general objectives, you will demonstrate through a variety of forms of evaluation and on the basis of the standards for the different levels established by the English Department, that you are making progress in your ability to:

            A. further develop proficiency in the use of English as a second language, especially in      academic settings;  

            B. appreciate literature by relating it to experiences as human beings, Puerto Ricans,          and/or citizens of the world;

            C. further develop interpretive-analytical skills in the comprehension of non-fiction;

            D. demonstrate command of the English language through composing well-developed         essays that integrate content, organization, vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics         effectively;

            E. recognize writing as a tool of communication, and as a way of expressing and
            revealing one’s ideas;

            F. efficiently search for information and effectively and ethically use and manage   information; and

            G. collaborate in the inclusion of students with disabilities into all class activities.

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