Projects & assignments

Reading and Class Participation: College-level performance and active class participation is expected from all students. Missing class will negatively affect your grade. Please be on time, as late arrivals disrupt the class, and be prepared to discuss the reading.
Responses to Readings: You will post a written response to many of the readings we choose by 1 pm on the day before class. (The purpose of this deadline is to give us all a chance to look over and consider the class’s responses in advance of discussion, and to help the discussion leader structure his or her presentation.) You will post your response as a “Comment” on this, our class website. I will create a post with the name of the reading, and you’ll add your thoughts below it. You can write your response using your word processing program, then simply cut and paste in the “Comment” field.
These writings, which all members of the class will have the opportunity to read and think about, will share your individual thoughts on the work in 100–150 words (a substantial paragraph). You will write about what occurred to you as you read, what the work made you feel and/or think about, what you felt was the most important question raised by the work, or the most important theme it examined. In some cases, the discussion leaders or I may provide a frame, context, or question for your response; otherwise, simply let your thoughts roam freely. There’s no right or wrong. The expectation is that you will describe your ideas in a thoughtful way, doing your best to write avoid grammatical and spelling errors, and meet the length requirement.
Exams: Please be present on the assigned dates and on time for exams. If you are absent, a valid medical note is required and should be submitted when you return to class. Let me know in advance if at all possible.

Essays and Other Writing: This semester, you’ll write in class as well as out of class. You’ll write responses to the reading, personal reflections, and more formal essays. The aim of these projects is to help you gain a satisfying understanding of the themes that we’ll be discussing in class. In addition, these assignments will help you develop your skills in close reading and constructing arguments.

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