Writing competency objectives

Through the integration of the writing process to the analysis of essays, you will develop your proficiency in English and will be able to:

A.   Write essays based on the topics read and discussed in class by

1.     using personal experience and acquired knowledge in the formulation your own ideas;

2.     using literature as a basis for writing; and

3.     developing your own voice as writers by expressing and revealing your inner world.

B.    Organize and express ideas in written form with increasing degrees of clarity, precision, coherence, and logic by

  1. using the various techniques of pre-writing: freewriting, brainstorming, clustering, and outlining;

  1. presenting, organizing, and developing ideas through logical relationships by

a.   writing introductory paragraphs that present the thesis, set down the key terms, and awaken the reader’s interests;

b.   constructing the body of an essay by making effective use of

1.     topic sentences;

2.     various types of developmental paragraphs (definition, reasons, examples and illustration, facts and details, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, analysis, and analogy; transitional devices (connectives, repetition of key words, and transitional paragraphs);

c.     following a sequential order (chronological, spatial, climatic, etc.); and

d.     ending the essay effectively using concluding sentences and paragraphs.

3.     Recognize and write essays using major modes or types of writing: narration, exposition, argumentation, description, and/or a combination of these.

4.     Improve writing by revising, editing, and incorporating your peers’ and professor’s comments and suggestions, and by:

a.     writing well-constructed sentences using a variety of sentences types (simple, complex, compound, compound-complex);

b.     making appropriate use of coordination, subordination, and parallel construction; and

c.     making appropriate use of punctuation marks and eliminating comma splices, run-on sentences, and fragments.

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